What is good website hosting? It’s not just airspace.

Website hosting is a vastly undervalued part of your overall digital strategy. Ignore it or chose cheap & nasty at your peril. Here’s why – Imagine your website as a car. It can have all the designer features and performance- but they are no use without quality roads to drive it on.

Website hosting is the “roads” that your website drives on.

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[tab title=”The Curse of Slow Website Hosting” icon_font=”P” icon_image=””]Crappy hosting is like slow roads to your website visitors.  Frustrating. Unreliable. And do not get you where you want to go.

If you are on slow hosting, your visitors won’t wait till your site loads -they will look elsewhere. Probably never to come back to your website.

This means any money you are spending on Adwords, SEO or other advertising is simply wasted.

You don’t chose an unreliable car, you do your research and chose one that you know will start every time and get you to your destination. You don’ t just choose the cheapest.

Its the same for hosting, you should ensure that it is are reliable, even in peak internet usage times.


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The other side of quality hosting is security.

Imagine your car parked where there are literally thousands of people trying to break into it 24 hours a day. Would you leave it unlocked? Not in a secure garage? No, you would put a lot of thought, ,energy and money into ensuring it is secure at all times. You need the same for your digital presence.

Hackers live to bring websites down. A lot do it simply for fun. Others for much more sinister reasons such as stealing personal details to sell on for identity fraudsters or worse credit card details.

People do not visit sites with Malware – their browsers efficiently warn them and block access. Google quickly blacklists hacked sites.

Hackers are a fact of digital life, and we constantly rage war against them. But there is a lot you can do to minimize* the risk of attack.

If you are online, this means everyone who has a website,  you need to pay  a lot of attention to your hosting, and your security measures.

Cheap may appear OK,  but like most things in life you pay for what you get. There is a reason that luxury car brands spend a lot on quality security measures – they work. And so should yours on your website.

If you are running an online shopping site – you are responsible if you store credit card details and they get stolen. Visa et al will chase you for the recovery of funds if you get hacked and they steal credit cards details – scary stuff.


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Hosting and security can mean all the difference to the success or failure of your business. And if you haven’t considered them you should now – before you have an awful experience.

For our clients Lantern Marketing ensures that digital security and happy hosting are an integral part of your overall marketing strategy – not an afterthought or worse something you look at after you have been hacked. We work closely with our technology experts to ensure your digital health. Interested?

* Minimise means minimise not completely stop…. hackers will probably still get in to your website at some stage – but if you have good measures in place you will know about, and boot them out, fix the damage before they cause irreparable harm.