Website Development | From 2 pages to 2013

Website Development | From 2 pages to 2013

Our client really needed a needed website development. Their existing site was not great. It had only 2 pages, could not be updated and had a poor design. It  had low traffic volume with a high bounce rate.

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Their website must provide a positive brand experience,  but is also designed to be strong for SEO, as search is vitally important for their success.

The client requested wanted a “good looking” website, that could provide them with new potential customers.


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Our client are really busy – and had put off getting a new website as they felt they didn’t have time.

A Lantern Marketing website development does not require the client to write content or find images – we supply a finished website.

For our garage door client we had two initial meetings, then one at pre-live stage.

Our client Debbie reported;

” I can’t believe that you have got it all right without me having to do everything. It’s the site we have been dreaming of – without our effort. I was so worried that yet again it would fall to me. Well done, and thanks.”

We created a high quality content website, built on strong SEO principals, including identifying their desired keywords. All the content was crafted which included copywriting and image selection and resizing


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A key desire is wanting to grow their B2B ( business to business) side of things, therefore we integrated our lead intelligence software which provides them rich data for their sales team.

They also integrated the latest in main image technology – instead of a single image we can create layered slideshows that can integrate videos, forms – or like their example provide some modern movement which providing more information. These are amazing but expensive, so for their budget they only had very simple example.


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Although this site has only been live a short time, as at May 2013 they have substantially improved their SEO rankings, and are now ranked higher than their local competitor – which they are very happy about. We can see a big increase in organic search traffic to their site.

Their referral business from B&D parent site has greatly improved, and they are currently run off their feet.