Website Development | Building for a Builder

Our builder client has been putting off their new website development due to perceived cost and not having enough time to create their content.

Their existing site had some strong design elements however it was limited by many things including;


  • Unable to be updated ( hardcoded)
  • Not built on strong SEO principals
  • Poor showcase of portfolio
  • Dated functionality

Website Development Testimonial

Over the course of only six weeks our lovely client have a brand new website including content. His reaction?

“Yeeeee  Haaaaa…..!!!    WOW !   Like it lots….”

Feedback that we like – lots.

Website Development Summary


A lot of their website traffic will come from word of mouth or referral, so a clean, modern and stunning design was important.

Their web design has to showcase their projects visually, plus tell the build story. Pertinent information about their heritage, philosophy, team and services is required to be concise but informative.

While this is in the most part a brand website, search does play a part. We also identified that their current URL and name was not the best fit for search. A tagline will also need to be created.



Suitable keywords were identified  by the following criteria being relevant to their business, having search traffic and attainable. They were kept front of mind when create the overall site plan.

Their web design website was created provided a strong wow factor for visitors. Our client makes beautiful, luxury homes, and their website now showcases this premium factor.

We wrote the copy, with a tagline created as part of this process. The images are so important so we took care and time selecting and resizing his visual asset.  Their logo was tweaked o reflect the tweaked name.

Their website development was executed without being any drain on their resource.


The latest in slider technology in order to create their portfolio slideshow in the sidebar area.

This new website ( like all of our website development) was created as responsive – which means it works across all browser sizes ( mobile, tablet and desktop) from the one parent site.

We also integrated the lead intelligence software, which we will use to nurture B2B leads.


Their new logo and tagline was incorporated into their day-to-day corporate identity, commencing with vehicle and site signage.

We are now commencing the next phase in their integrated marketing programme.



Over the course of six weeks we went from their existing static site, to a fresh web design, that is responsive over all browser sizes, and has a content management system meaning it can be easily updated or added to.

We are set to launch their site shortly. However this is the feedback from our client.

The Lantern Marketing team created all the new content, improved visuality and user experience.

We only required three meetings to achieve the go  live stage – and a very happy client.