Increasing business sales through your website with User Experience (UX)

Your website can be a powerful marketing tool

The user experience of your website will play a critical role in attracting and maintaining your customer base. And for most potential customers, you only get one chance to ‘get it right’.

You could have built the most beautiful website. You’ve spent hours, days, weeks and months going over every detail. Getting the tone just right to lure your customer in and get them excited about your product.

And when the customer lands on your page, scanning it up and down, mesmerized by the nice designs… Hang on a second where’s that button? Where’s the information I’m looking for? Where’s the call to action?

It takes as little as 0.5 seconds for visitors to decide whether they are interested in your website or not. By the time a visitor has to start thinking about what to do or where to click, you have already lost them.


The key to authentic growth

It doesn’t matter that your website is getting tons of traffic if it’s the wrong kind of traffic.

As a website user, I’m here because I need something, and I either want to get it from you or find out if you can provide it. In some cases I really may not even know what I need, so it would be great if you could help me figure that out, too.

Through a deep understanding of your users, who they are, their motivations and behaviour when interacting with your website; you are attracting people to your website from your ideal market – those who will engage with and love your product or service.

You’re no longer shooting in the dark hoping to hit something. You are aligning your business goals with the goals of your customers.

User Experience Design puts your users first, ensuring that your website is attractive, easy to understand, and even easier to use. This will immediately increase conversions and sales.

Your website knows what your users want and is making it easy for them to get it, bringing a human touch to a digital world.