Custom ECommerce Website | Retail Conversion

This client has a long retail experience but saw the opportunity to grow and adapt into the online world. We call this type of job retail conversion. Their E-commerce website development was the first step in the launch on this exciting new online brand.
Our strategy for this website was clear – create a great looking website, that delivers a superb great user experience, but most importantly makes lots of sales.

It had to be and SEO machine with a high conversion rate.

The strategy for goes far beyond their website, as it is launching a new brand online. It required a thoughtful intelligent launch strategy. For more information please contact us.

Their website on a flexible stable platform that is easy for the client to use. We also integrated their extensive content section of a different platform that is more suited to a lot of information.

Lantern Marketing was responsible for all aspects of the new website including copywriting of its large content section.

This was a big job, but like all we do, that was our problem not our client’s.

For launch we have created a custom loose diamond search that is unique to this website. It allows the user to easily search for this ideal loose diamond across all parameters. Diamonds contain main attributes so it was custom job.

Soon to come is the build your own ring module and persona necklace functionality.

The search capabilities for this website development were key, and we worked with our technology partner to complete this.

We also assisted with bulk upload of stock – which was particularly tricky for Diamond Jewellery online owing the complex parameters of diamond jewellery and diamonds.

Video “how to” manuals were also created for the client to use.

Their ecommerce website is only one part – we are also creating or have created for them

Corporate Stationary ( business cards, letterhead etc)
Range Brochure (with creative slant)
Email Marketing & Newsletter
Communication plan
Social media
We now now move onto their integrated launch phase.

We are looking forward to launching this website next month, and making it a household name.