Being understood with Business Animations

Not everything can be explained in an elevator pitch. If you have a product, service that is difficult to distill down perhaps consider a business animation. They can be fantastic is getting your point across.

Cloud is buzzing right now, and client Forum Group are on the pulse of technology. While everyone has a vague idea of what cloud is – not many really know how it all works, and how it can improve their operations.


We used an approach of illustrating how their current system is costing them more money, and decreasing their efficiency, and then how Cloud would improve their operation and bottom line.

Without the technical jargon – it is to educate not to baffle.


The script and story board were created in unison. This takes some time but it a crucial step to its overall success. Forum Group signed off the concept at this stage – before production begun By having a storyboard they can visualise what it will look like.

This business animation was created with strong corporate feel.

The voiceover was recorded after a shortlist of voice talent was found.

It was saved in all required formats and uploaded to their website and youtube channel.